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Made exclusively from the humble coconut, coir is historically one of the most popular materials used in doormats, as well as being one of the most versatile. It can be woven and tufted into a variety of shapes, printed, dyed and incorporated into rubber based mats.


Almost any design can be put on to a doormat, contemporary or traditional. The designs can be generated by our customers or we can create a bespoke option. Colours can be matched to pantones and we can print on to both indoor and outdoor mats.


Robust and highly effective, the scraper mat gets rid of all unwanted dirt and has specifically been developed for outdoor use. We also have a range of commercial/agricultural heavy duty mats.


Market research undertaken by Primeur a number of years ago established the need for a washable doormat. These now account for nearly 30% of sales in this section. This product has come a long way and can now be produced in a variety of colours, designs and fibre compositions.